On toys

One of our readers sent us something that couldn’t be made up. This is her story.

My boyfriend wants to do anal so he bought a butt plug and ended up using too much lube when he put it in me. As we were having sex it must have gotten sucked up into my ass, cause when we were finished I was like “oh where did you put it” and he was like “uh i didn’t touch it”.

We looked all over the bed and it was nowhere to be found so we tried fingering my asshole hoping we could reach and pull the thing out, but didn’t have any luck. I decided to sleep on it and see if I could push it out when I got home because I definitely wasn’t going to poop at my boyfriends house.

Thankfully it came out the next morning when I got home, but we were afraid that I’d have to make a trip to the hospital.

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