On the end

I’ve written lots of things these past couple years but this will be my last. A record of who I am to leave alongside my rotten corpse.

As the world fell apart around me I turned to drugs and alcohol in order to escape the bitter reality that I was on my own now. People were still around, yet over time I saw them less and less. I knew deep down that my fear was unjustified, but I was afraid of my new reality. Afraid to leave and more afraid to stay.

The people I used to laugh with are gone. The woman I loved nowhere to be seen. I remember my last moments with everyone before it happened, how happy we all were.

Now it’s just me, trapped with my thoughts, using the last of the toilet paper I could scavenge. Things really have fallen apart in the 10 years since COVID-19.

PS – I really didn’t want to die full of shit

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