On nightmares

I dream of all the people I’ve killed. What haunts me the most was how the light left their eyes. Still I can’t bring myself to stop and once a month I find my next victim.

It started out as a curiosity one night years ago. I had picked up a hitchhiker on a back road and I realized that I could murder the man without getting caught. I waited until he was asleep before I pulled over and strangled him with my bare hands.

I loved the rush at first and went out as often as I could trying to find my next target. Some gave up pretty quick while others fought until the end. I experimented with different methods, but always came back to using my bare hands. It wasn’t the easiest method, yet I loved looking into the eyes of my targets. Watching them realize that it was over and then their eyes go dark as the soul left the body.

After a while it became a drain on me and I considered turning myself in so I could get the chair. That was 10 years ago.

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